Our Story

We are lucky enough to call Pembrokeshire our home. The land of the Wild Ones. Surrounded by rugged coastline, forests and mountains, inspiration is everywhere.

We started in 2018 by producing wetsuit bags for the local surfers of Pembrokeshire and were known as Johnny's Suit Sacks.  The bags were an instant success!   We produced small bags in blue at first, then came along the Suit Sack 2 which was much larger and in black.   We started sponsoring surfers from further afield and became a household name for Wetsuit bags.   

Since then, the brand has grown, producing more than just wetsuit bags.  We decided to change the name to the Wild Surf Company.  The name sums up what the brand is about far more than it was previously.  The whole point of Johnny's Suit Sacks was to be able to trek to secret spots without the hassle of having a soggy wetsuit hanging over your board, or in a bin bag!    

Our ethos is very simple. We aim to share our passion for nature with like minded people.   People who want to protect our planet and embrace all that it has to offer.


Who are we?

We are a group of adventure enthusiasts with a passion for the landscape we play in.  We are based in the far South-West corner of Wales in a county called Pembrokeshire, known for its rugged coastline, mountains and waves.   Our mission is to provide like-minded people with adventure gear that's built to last, in the most ethical, organic and sustainable way we possibly can.  

How do we do it?

Wild Surf Co produce as much as possible in Pembrokeshire, Wales.   Our waterproof bags are hand-made in a small fishing village called Solva, in Pembrokeshire.  The materials we use to produce the bags are ordered from a British company with the same ethical values as ours.   

Our clothing is made from organic cotton from manufacturers based in the UK, Europe and Asia.  We chose our providers based on the values they uphold.  They operate under fair trade regulations (that goes without saying) 

'Waves and Mountains' 

To protect the environment and to promote our two favorite things, we've introduced 'Waves and Mountains' into the brand.   

Plastic Free Waves 

To help reduce the amount of plastic in our oceans, we've completely removed all plastic from our packaging.  All of our products are hand wrapped with compostable, eco-friendly paper and packing tape.    

We've also started One Tee = One KG.  As often as possible, we will be running special weekends where every order placed will fund the removal of 1KG of plastic from the ocean.   


 To help sustain the environment we've started the Buy One, Get One Tree. Buy One, Get One Tree is a pledge to plant a tree for every product purchased.